Welcome Dinner & Semester Opening Party

Of course, every semester begins with a Welcome Dinner. All the newbies and in case of spring semesters, those who stay for the 2nd semester are invited. You can taste traditional Hungarian cuisine. After finishing our dishes we continue the evening with an official afterparty downtown!

Orientation Day

In the first week, we try to give you every piece of information you need. Informal event by ESN Debrecen, you can purchase ESNcards, ticket for the Budapest Trip, meeting with your mentors/tutors, getting to know each other, socializing, fun and party.


ESN Debrecen organizes trips in each semester for the Erasmus students, usually twice a semester. We take them to Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary, and an other trip to Tokaj - capital city of wines - or Hortobágy, which is well-known of its beautiful landscape and special and very traditional fauna. 

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is always held at the beginning of the semester. With this event we provide not just an awesome game for the students, but they can easily acquire the most important information about Debrecen. After the Hunting they know our town even better than their palms.

Hungarian Cooking Class & International Dinner

We organise Hungarian Cooking Class for those whose hobby is cooking, or those who wants to enjoy a delicious dinner with the other Erasmus students. Usually we cook something typical Hungarian dish, preferably something one usually can't buy in a restaurant.
A special type of this event is the International Dinner, where the students themselves have to make a dish, which represents their country. So they can introduce their homeland via food. These kind of events are big successes - for "unknown reason", but eating might have a role in this. 

Global Tower

Every spring, in the Water Tower, a real cultural medley. All the international and Hungarian are invited in order to break all the walls between cultures that might exist. Cultural talks on various topics, International quizes, anything that is related to the culture of the world. In the evening, we continue with concerts and party!

Tandem Program

Partners meet up weekly to practice each other’s language. The first half of the meeting is held in one language then the participants switch and talk in another language. Let’s work on your Hungarian skills during your stay!

Social Inclusion Days

Social Inclusion Days (SID) offers opportunities for international students to get closer to the local community where they can engage in volunteer activities, which aids individual community members or the local community in general.The mission of this week is to involve international students into volunteering services and to create a positive social impact in the local communities.

Smaller events

Besides larger events we often organize smaller ones to the Erasmus students. These programs include the Movie Night with the best Hungarian movies (with English subtitles, of course) or Beer Pong for those who needs some extra excitement. Another popular possibility for fun is our Bowling Night which attracts many of the students in each semester.

Farewell Dinner& Semester Closing Party

As the name suggests it is the very last event of each semester. We organise a  huge party for our Erasmus students, where they can enjoy the treasures of Debrecen last. As well as at the Welcome Party it is not just about having party, but there is a mini competition which uplifts the fantastic atmosphere.