ESN Debrecen was re-founded in 2009, but we have been organizing social, cultural and sport events for exchange students since 2004. The formal name of ESN Debrecen is Student Committee on International Affairs, University of Debrecen, this means that ESN Debrecen is a part of the Students Union at the University of Debrecen. ESN Debrecen has a good relationship with the International Relations Office.

What is ESN Debrecen doing?

We help international students feel like at home thousands of kilometers far away from there, and we are the ones who help Hungarian students to know every specific detail about how they can study abroad in a totally new and different environment. Visit our Facebook page so that you can follow the programs we are organizing currently, trips to Budapest, Tokaj and other destinations, Treasure Hunt, Karaoke Night or other cultural programs. We organize charity events as well because we believe it makes you happy to serve other people. Our events are open (exchange and other international or Hungarian students are also really welcome). We also coordinate the Erasmus Buddy Program to help exchange students to fit into the new environment and  make sure they feel like at home in Debrecen. Each exchange student gets a Hungarian student who will help them with everyday issues and who introduces the exchange students to Hungary.

ESN Debrecen joined the ESNcard system. Cards are accepted in several places not just in Debrecen, but in Hungary and across Europe as well.  It provides access to all services and discounts offered by ESN and our partners to international students. For example in restaurants, shops, gyms, pubs etc.