Hey Guys!

Are you interested in the Hungarian cuisine? Do you wanna know more than "gulyás" and "pálinka"? Did you enjoy the previous Cooking Class? Or you missed it somehow?
--->Well we have something just for you, then!

We invite you to the Second Hungarian Cooking Class - an event designed to actively learn what it takes to become the best chef there is among exchange students!
(Facebook event)

How to participate?
- sign up for the event by filling out the registration form (clicking "going" is not signing up)
- you need to pay on Monday before you enters the Dorm
- come to the event and follow the instructions of our members who will guide you to do all the steps like a pro
- have an amazing time while eating all the tasty food you cooked!

Registration form is available: link

23/11 Monday, 11AM

What's the menu?
1. Main course: "Paprikás krumpli" - traditional paprika-based potato stew with diced potatoes, onion, bell peppers, ground paprika, and sausage Pork free version available!
2. Dessert: Túrófánk - Hungarian cottage cheese doughnut.

Participation fee is 500 HUF to cover the costs of the ingredients. 
Drinks not included and should be brought for yourselves.


23/11/2015 - 18:30