Dear Exchange Students,

As you all know, the end of the semester is coming and so it is goodbye time. We would like to finish this semester with an awesome night where we can gather for one last time!😉

We are happy to announce the Semester Closing Dinner to you which will be held at the University Main Building🏫 on 16th of December (Friday) from 18:00. The main purpose of the party is to celebrate this semester together on a nice, multicultural evening!

Dinner starts at 18:30 so do not be late!

Dress code: semi-casual!

Participation is free, including meals, drinks but please register in advance until midnight of 13th of December by filling the form below.

After dinner, we are going to have a Farewell Party in Bakelit Music Café.

Deadline for the registration is 13th of December 23:59.

When you register for the dinner please also vote for the following categories:

  • Ms Erasmus
  • Mr Erasmus
  • Ms Sexiest Erasmus
  • Mr Sexiest Erasmus
  • Ms Funniest Erasmus
  • Mr Funniest Erasmus
  • Partyface Erasmus
  • Friendliest Erasmus
  • Best Hungarian Speaker!
  • Best Buddy
  • Best ESNer

And we kindly ask you to write a few words about your semester here!

!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE !!! Until 21:00 the event is private, organized exclusively for the exchange students from the following programmes: Erasmus+ Studies, Erasmus+ Traineeship, Makovecz Program (Ukraine, Romania), ICM Studies (Georgia), Bilateral Exchange (Slovakia, USA, South Korea, Mexico), ELTE-EMMI.

After the dinner, we are going to have the Farewell Party in Bakelit Music Café. It is open to everyone, of course!

Hope to see you there!

ESN Debrecen Team

Registration Form:

16/12/2022 - 18:00