Dear All!

Let us invite you to our famous Budapest Trip 🇭🇺 where you can see the beauty of the Hungarian capital and get a taste of one of the best nightlife in central Europe! 🎉

🔜 It’s a 2-night-trip taking place from the 23rd and 25th of September.

🔥 The trip includes: 🔥
• Traveling by a private bus 🚌
• Accommodation for 2 nights in the city center/4-5-6 beds in a room/ 😴
• Breakfast, Cold Lunch on Saturday
• Breakfast on Sunday 🍽️
• Professional Guided Tour all around Budapest by bus 🔊
• All-night-long party on Friday in the Ruin Pub District 🎉

Of course, you will have some free time to discover hidden places and explore the city.


Within the framework of the Welcome Days, you will have the chance to buy your ticket for the Budapest Trip and to get your ESNcard at the same time! 🙃😲


💸 How much? 27.000 HUF

After, the following prices apply for the Trip and the ESNcard:

💸 Prices: 💸
24 000 HUF if you already have an ESNcard
26.000 HUF if you don' have an ESNcard!
It must be paid in advance!

⏩ Purchase your tickets well in advance from ESN Debrecen members during Welcome Days events and during the next weeks!

⏩ Ticket selling hours and venues will be announced soon. Spots are limited! Look for the ESN members if you have any questions!

Estimated arrival time back to Debrecen 7-8 pm, 25th of September.

You can register below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Do not hesitate to come, Budapest is one of the best capitals in Europe, and buy a ticket in time because they are selling fast.

**We reserve the right to change the program**

ESN Debrecen Team

Registration Form

Please include your country code in your phone number. For example in the case of a Hungarian mobile number. The country code for Hungary is +36, so the mobile number should be in this format: +36 XX XXX XXXX, where the X can be any number.
23/09/2022 to 25/09/2022