With the arrival of May and the blooming of Spring💐, there’s only one thing that the university students of Poland 🇵🇱 will have on their minds; Juwenalia! Dubbed ‘a festival for students organised by students’, this is one of the highlights of the academic year and is eagerly awaited. This annual event, often seen as a national event, symbolises the official end of the university students’ fun as they celebrate for the last time before studying hard for their upcoming exams. 🎓

Going out with a bang, Juwenalia has earned the term ‘festival’ with its good music 🎶 – where some universities organise concerts with artists known worldwide, such as last year’s headliner, Lost Frequencies –, it’s delicious food 🍲and abundance of fun. Crucial to the celebrations is a special procession in which students march from their university campuses towards the city centre. Once they reach the centre, they are handed the keys 🗝️ to the city by the mayor!

ℹ️ Departure is on Thursday evening at 00:00 (midnight) on the 21st of May so we arrive on Friday morning on the 22nd. After 3 full days, we head back to Debrecen on the 24th of May so we arrive at 06:00 on the 25th of May. ℹ️

💵 This trip costs 99 euro and includes the following:

🔵 Hostel with breakfast
🔵 Transportation in a touring car
🔵 Experienced guides
🔵 A city tour through this beautiful city
🔵 Tour in Auschwitz
🔵 Juwenalia parties
🔵 Parties with local ESN sections
🔵 Optional: Pub Crawl

🎟️ You can get your tickets with the following link: https://eventix.shop/63jtx5fw

21/05/2020 to 25/05/2020